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lifestyle newborn session {preparation}

lifestyle newborn session: what you need to know


This is such a special time for you and your family. Thank you for considering me to photograph your sweet new baby! Please contact me before your baby arrives to book your session... the earlier the better. I will set aside time near your due date (before and after) - babies never come on schedule! If your baby arrives earlier than expected, we'll adjust as needed and make sure you get your photos. Please just keep me updated and contact me as soon as your baby arrives (text or email are both great).

lifestyle session information:

Timing: The best time to photograph a newborn is between 3-14 days old, the earlier the better (3-7 days is the best!). After that the baby will discover the joy of stretching. After that point they may be more alert/ less sleepy, harder to pose, more irritable in front of the camera,  & may even develop dry skin or baby acne. This isn’t always the case, but from experience I have had more success with newborn sessions running smoothly from days 3 to 12. They are still moldable and sleepy at this point and tend to stay more comfortable during the shoot. 

Where?: LIfestyle sessions are done in your home. The majority of photos will be taken in the nursery, bedroom, and living area. Sometimes we adventure out of those areas too, however, and capture sweet moments in places like the kitchen or even the bathroom (first bath anyone?). Please make your bed and let me know if you don't have a neutral or plain-colored bedspread - too many patterns or bold colors will be distracting. I can provide a white bedspread if needed. It is possible that we may need to move around some furniture - but don't worry, I'll put it back before I go! Try to have your home tidy because these photos will capture different areas of your home. That being said, I know you just had a baby and I am completely fine with moving some things around if needed!

Pretty Light: We will need to position your newborn in a nicely lit location - preferable in a room with big, bright windows (I've done pictures in kitchens, hallways, sunrooms, etc ). Please open all the blinds/shutters/curtains before I arrive. I try to shoot my newborn sessions with as much natural light as possible and will do a quick walk around your home to find the best spots.  Please be watching for good light in your house leading up to the session and let me know what time of day you think is the brightest - usually mid morning or late afternoon when window light is the best. 

Turn up the Heat!: In order for your newborn to stay comfortable and sleepy, please turn up your thermostat to around 78 degrees. We may get a little warm, but your little one will feel cozy and comfortable!

Nap time: The majority of newborn posing is best done with they are in a deep sleep. Please do whatever it takes to keep that baby awake for a long while before their session. I know it is a lot to ask already sleep-deprived parents, but I promise it will be worth it with the photos you will receive! 

Milk drunk: A full baby is a happy baby! Please try to feed your baby shortly before we begin (about 30 minutes before or so). When they are fed, they’re usually sleepier & happier which will allow us to do more with them! We can definitely take breaks during the session for additional feeding if your baby needs it!

Turn down the noise: Try to take precautions about volume control for your newborn session. If you have other children that might be noisy during the session, please arrange for a sitter or family member to watch them. If you have other children that are going to be included in a few photos, I recommend bringing them in at the beginning or the end of the session.

Diaper: Simple diaper covers, bloomers, and cloth diapers are a great idea - disposable diapers are typically distracting and don't photograph well.

Patience: Lifestyle sessions are usually long (1-2 hours typically). I don't rush newborn shoots because there are always things like diaper changes, feeding breaks, calming them down if they get upset, etc. Do not feel stressed if your baby seems uncooperative - We take the baby's lead and go with the flow. A good portion of the session will involve feeding, diaper changes, and cuddling to get them comfortable. Newborns can sense if you are stressed and anxious and it will make it hard for them to relax. This is why it is so important to stay calm, relaxed, and confident during this session. 

Props: I will be bringing a variety of swaddle blankets and headbands  (for the girls) to your session. If there is anything you may want included (especially swaddle blankets) in your session, please set them out. We will look through them with you to determine what will work best. 

Safety: This is so so important. If you don't feel comfortable with a pose, please don't hesitate to speak up!

What to wear:  Wear something you feel good in! Keep it simple. Many clients choose cream, white, or gray tones. If you want your photos to look light and bright, definitely wear light colors. If you prefer to have more color, some is ok (neutrals and pastels look best - please avoid neon colors!), but please avoid any busy patterns.  Avoid clothing with obvious logos or writing. Simple knit tops look great in photos.