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Beaufort, SC


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types of newborn sessions

types of newborn sessions

The first few days/weeks of your baby's life are so incredibly special. The cuddly, snuggled up season of their life is so short and these newborns change way too fast! I take a limited number of newborn sessions/month. Please contact me as soon as possible (before your baby is born) to reserve your session!

Fresh 48 Session 

There is something so special about those first couple of days in a newborn's life! These sessions focus on the magic of a brand new baby before they even make their way home from the hospital or birthing center. I capture the little details that make up those first 24-48 hours and make sure you will always be able to remember how your little one looked when you first met! These sessions are also perfect for siblings meeting the new baby for the first time.

Traditional Session

Traditional sessions involve posing and props. I bring along a posing bag, blanket backdrops, baskets/buckets, flooring, etc. We find the room in your home with the best natural light and set up there! Photos can be taken with the baby nude or in a diaper cover. Because of the nature of posing babies, these sessions last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Some lifestyles photos can also be included in this package. Families are more than welcome to provide any props/blankets/bows/etc that they may want included in the photos. You will need at least one room in your home that has lots of natural light for this kind of session. I do bring lighting equipment if it is needed. 

Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are simple and classic - focused more on the newborn in their natural environment. I photograph the baby in natural positions - snuggled in family members' arms. swaddled, lying on the bed/couch/blanket, in the crib,  getting a first bath (if wanted), etc. These photos tell a story. I do not recommend this kind of session if your home doesn't have a lot of natural light in areas like the bedroom, nursery, or living room. I provide a variety of swaddle blankets and simple bows (if wanted), but families are more than welcome to provide ones of their own! These sessions last 1-2 hours. We keep the environment as relaxed as possible - It is so beautiful to capture a newborn in such a simple, natural way.